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CFA Academy of Career Development is an Educational Division of Pushti Infotech Pvt. Ltd. It provides Tutorial and Coaching Classes For GATE/B.Tech/AMIE/Engg Diploma/MCA/MBA/BCA/BBA/B.Com/BA/B.Sc/LLB/C/C++/JAVA/Judicial Services/CLAT/IIT JEE/NATA/NDA/B.Ed/B.Stat. CFA Academy Provide Entrance Exam Coaching In IIT-JEE/NATA/B.Stat/NDA/NIMCET/MCA/CLAT. CFA Academy provide home tuition services in almost all sector of Noida & Noida Extension. B.Tech Tuition In Noida, MCA Tuition In Noida, BCA Tuition In Noida, IIT-JEE Coaching In Noida, GATE Coaching In Noida, Electronic Engineering Tuition In Noida, Electrical Tuition In Noida, Mechanical Engineering Tuition In Noida, Civil Engineering Tuition In Noida, Computer Science Tuition In Noida, B.Sc Tuition In Noida, B.Com Tuition In Noida, BBA Tuition In Noida, LLB Subjects Tuition In Noida, MCA Entrance Tuition In Noida, C Training In Noida, C++ Training In Noida, JAVA Training In Noida, .NET Training In Noida, Judicial Coaching In Noida, Engineering Entrance Coaching In Noida, CBSE Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida, Account Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida, Maths Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida, Physics Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida, Chemistry Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida, Humanities Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida, Science Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida, C Training Institute near Sector 52 Noida, C++ Training Institute near Sector 52 Noida, C Training Institute near Sector 52 Noida


Applied Physics Tuition Class In Noida which is Beneficial For Current and Back Paper with 100 Percent Results Major Topics covered during tuition class Interference Tuition Class: Principle of Superposition, Conditions for interference, Division of wave-front Tuition Class: Fresnel’s Biprism and Applications, Division of amplitude: Wedge-shaped film, Newton’s rings, Michelson Interferometer and Applications. Diffraction: Types of diffraction, Fraunhofer diffraction at a single slit, Plane transmission diffraction grating Tuition Class: theory, secondary maxima and minima, width of principal maxima, absent spectra, overlapping of spectral lines, determination of wavelength; Dispersive power and resolving power of diffraction grating Polarization Tuition Class: Polarization of transverse waves, Plane of polarization, Polarization by reflection, Double refraction, Nicol Prism, Quarter and half wave plate, Specific Rotation, Laurent ‘s half shade polarimeter, Biquartzpolarimeter. Laser Tuition Class: Introduction, Stimulated Absorption, Spontaneous and Stimulated Emission; Einstein’s Coefficients and its derivation, Population Inversion, Direct and Indirect pumping, Pumping schemes, Main components of Laser, He-Ne Laser, Semiconductor Laser, Characteristics of Laser, Applications of Laser Optical Fiber: Introduction, Principle of propagation of light waves in optical fibers Tuition In Noida: total internal reflection, acceptance angle, numerical aperture, V- number; Modes of propagation, Types of optical fibers: single mode fiber, multimode fibers; Fiber optics communication system, Advantages of optical fiber communication, Applications of optical fibers. Ultrasonics Tuition Class: Ultrasonic waves, Properties of ultrasonic waves, Production of ultrasonic waves Tuition Class: Magnetostriction and Piezoelectric methods, Detection of ultrasonic waves, Measurement of velocity of ultrasonic waves, Applications of ultrasonic waves. Nuclear radiations and its Biological Effects Tuition Class: Classification of nuclear radiations, Interaction of charged particle (light and heavy) and gamma radiations with matter (basic concepts), Dosimetric units, Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE), Typical doses from commons sources in the environment, Biological Effects, Maximum Permissible Dose, (MPD), Shielding, Radiation safety in the nuclear radiation laboratory. Biomaterials: Introduction, Classification of biomaterials, Applications.

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